AdPlotter Brings Classified Ads to the Cloud

AdPlotter Brings Classified Ads to the CloudAn innovative new cloud based-platform is breathing new life into the dated classified ad. Thanks to the team behind AdPlotter, online classified advertisers now have an opportunity to post on hundreds of sites simultaneously.

Businesses and individuals all over the world use online classified ads daily to drive leads and sales. In the past, this marketing process has been very time consuming. Okay, it’s been ridiculously time consuming. But that was then. And this is now.

Online sellers will now have a better option from a new ad-posting engine called AdPlotter.

This unique system allows advertisers to list an item for sale, select the category where it is to appear, upload the images, then quickly and easily simultaneous post to hundreds of high traffic classified ad sites at once.

In short, AdPlotter claims to put an end to the tedious visiting of each classified ad site and labor intensively uploading the same copy and offer over and over again, AdPlotter offers a one-stop posting tool.

According to JB Internet Holdings Corp. CEO Joel Sauceda, who’s company is behind this new offering, there is enormous potential in this particular platform.

“As a long time online marketer, I always dreamed of a program capable of eliminating the repetitive steps to posting classified ads on many websites and finally realized I would have to direct my team to create it, because no reliable alternative existed,” Sauceda says.

That dream is now a reality.

To mark the official launch the new service, individuals and businesses can try it for free by visiting the company’s website here.