Adobe Unveils New App Distribution Service

Adobe Systems is moving forward with Adobe Flash Platform Services for Distribution.

Essentially, Adobe is offering a new solution for advertisers and content publishers to utilize emergent tools in the digital sphere to more successfully promote and profit from applications for smart phones as well as those for social networks and desktops.

Created with distribution platform provider Gigya, Adobe is enabling the hosted online service to assist developers in both creating and sharing their applications across a variety of digital channels. For example, a web app constructed with Flash Platform tools can now be distributed across the Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems.

Adobe officially unveiled Adobe Flash Platform Services for Distribution this week the IAB MIXX Conference and Expo in New York.

In order to give developers a “comprehensive distribution solution” Adobe’s primary talking point with this new offering is how the solution includes a “unified management tool to effectively promote, measure and monetize Web applications and games.”