Adobe Unveils Much Awaited Flash Framework

Adobe Systems has come forward with a new software framework that many programmers and mobile marketers have been dreaming of since mobile marketing first showed its teeth in the advertising realm.

In a nutshell, the new software framework is for building media players that extend the capabilities of the Adobe Flash Platform.

Essentially, “Strobe,” as it’s affectionately dubbed, will help inch us closer to an open industry standard for media players and offer production-ready software components to streamline the development of custom media players, reducing the time content publishers spend creating their own playback technologies.

From an aesthetic perspective, this development can’t be overestimated. From the get-go, this framework will enable developers using Flash technologies to add rich functionality (advertising, user measurement and tracking, and social network integration) into new custom players that can be branded for individual content owners.

It’s a lot to soak in, but there’s plenty of time (and opportunity) to investigate this latest offering from Adobe.

Strobe is expected to be available, at no charge, in the second half of 2009. For now, you can visit for more info and a sneak peak.