Adobe Unveils Digital Viewer Technology for iPad

Bad blood between Adobe and Apple may linger, but the tablet revolution underway continues to drive these former tech buddies together for new and innovative offerings via the iPad.

On Tuesday, the founding fathers of Flash introduced their digital viewer technology, which will enable content publishers to launch digital editions of their magazines on Apple’s iPad platform. Last week’s arrival of Wired magazine on the iPad is a shining example of Adobe’s technology in practice.

“Adobe’s work with Wired has resulted in a digital magazine format that creates an immersive experience, allowing a publication’s unique content, look and feel and advertising to stand out in the digital realm,” says David Burkett, VP and general manager of Creative Solutions at Adobe. “We aim to make our digital viewer software available to all publishers soon and plan to deliver versions that work across multiple hardware platforms.”

Adobe’s efforts in the world of digital content publishing will go a long way at making electronic publications more interactive than ever thought possible. From serving up video to 360-degree images, Adobe’s digital viewer technology is raising both the bar for digital content providers and also the level of enjoyment iPad owners will experience in reading the electronic editions of their favorite publications.

And with new excitement and interest in digital content publishing comes renewed interest and excitement in the potential for mobile marketing on the iPad.