Adobe Teaming with Adonit for Sophisticated ‘Smart Pen’

Adobe Teaming with Adonit for Sophisticated 'Smart Pen'Adobe confirmed this week that its previously unveiled iPad-compatible smart pen and digital ruler hardware concepts are leaving the concept stage and entering production.

This will be made possible through a new partnership with Adonit.

“When we shared our vision for the Creative Cloud at MAX, we said it would give us the opportunity and the impetus to innovate – and ultimately empower a new generation of creatives,” writes Michael Gough, who leads the Experience Design team (XD) at Adobe, on the Adobe blog. “With full hearts and open minds we also shared our first explorations into the future of creative hardware.”
Yesterday, Adobe officially announced the “next milestone” on this path: Adobe is moving its cloud pen, Project Mighty and its digital ruler, Project Napoleon, from a technology exploration to a planned product.

“We are teaming up with Adonit, an awesome band of makers with a shared belief in the power of creative devices paired with apps and services, to manufacture and ship Mighty and Napoleon in the first half of 2014,” Gough revealed.

We are also unveiling an energetic new campaign, “I am the New Creative,” celebrating the contemporary creative through a series of remarkable self portraits by Joshua Davis, Dylan Roscover, Anita Fontaine and many more. We believe tools define generations– and that you should be able to create from anywhere, explore new mediums and go wherever your ideas take you.

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