Adobe Has a Bright Ideascode

Adobe has acquired a company and its talented team for an undisclosed but likely handsome sum of money.

The design tech giant has absorbed San Francisco-based creative consulting firm Ideacodes.

According to Venture Beat, it appears that the purchase was chiefly motivated by the desire to acquire the company’s impressive slate of employees.

Ideacodes describes itself as an agency that specializes in the design and user experience of smart applications, digital products, and network communities.

Based on what we know at this moment, Adobe is welcoming Ideacode co-founders Emily Chang and Max Kielser to the company as Adobe’s new creative directors of Creative Cloud, which is Adobe’s freshly launched cloud-based design software service.

“For the last nine years we’ve worked to re-envision the design of digital products and create the ultimate user experience for their customers,” Chang and Kiesler commented in a joint public statement. “We’re thrilled to join Adobe at a time when Creative Cloud is beginning to take form, the potential to harness the power of connected networks is being realized, and the influence of good design on experience is being appreciated and expected from people worldwide.”