Adobe Flashes Back at Apple

It’s difficult to find many points of weakness for where the iPhone lags behind the mobile technologies of other smart phones and pimped out handsets.

But with Adobe Systems making great strides by introducing trial versions of its Flash software for Symbian, Palm and Android smartphones, the iPhone remains the pink elephant in the room. One that lacks some flash… literally.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs appears to be growing restless over questions about the iPhone’s technology gap. Although Jobs has offered the excuse that flash on the iPhone will require an optimal media player that, at present, would slow the performance of the iPhone, Adobe is countering that argument with one of its own – a position maintaining that Apple’s problem isn’t with performance, it’s with commitment.

As of today, Apple has only explored the possibility of adding flash. They haven’t actively pursued a course of action with Adobe. And Apple isn’t saying much else about this situation.

I’m certainly not about to contend that there is bad blood brewing between Apple and Adobe, but there is certainly a lack of cohesion in getting the job done for loyal iPhone users who want what we all need more of in our lives – some flash.