Adobe Brings Powerful Photoshop Touch to iPhone, iPod This Morning

One year removed from the launch of Photoshop Touch for Apple’s iPad, Adobe fans are still waiting for a super-powered mobile equivalent of the popular photo editing and design software.

On Wednesday morning, however, Adobe moved a little closer to this reality with the release of its Photoshop Touch for mobile phones.

It’s modeled after the iPad version in appearance and features, yet it works on the iPhone and iPod touch (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, or iPod touch 5G only).

According to details made available hours ago, the mobile phone version of Adobe Photoshop Touch will support layers, selection tools, adjustments, and filters. There’s also an option for delivering graphical text, strokes, drop shadows, fades, and more.

What’s important to note, says Adobe, is that many – if not most – of these features are not available in the majority of cheap Photoshop knock-off apps presently available for iOS devices.

Best of all, while the iPad version of the app is $9.99, the iPhone and iPod touch version is only $4.99.

It’s available as of this morning through the Apple App Store.