Adobe Aims to Advance Voice-Driven Customer Experiences With Analytics Cloud

Ahead of the long holiday weekend in the United States, MMW was privy to the latest news from Adobe.

According to the official word, voice-enabled devices and digital assistants allow consumers to engage through one of the most natural forms of communication.

With a new generation of products driving innovation and consumer appetite, the latest Adobe Analytics data shows that online sales of voice-enabled devices grew 39 percent year-over-year. In the same way mobile devices fundamentally changed the ways consumers engage with each other, voice interfaces have the potential to do the same. Brands must start thinking about standout voice-driven experiences to remain competitive.

Fittingly, Adobe has announced new voice analytics capabilities in Adobe Analytics Cloud that enable brands to deliver more personalized customer experiences and create brand loyalty through voice-based interfaces.

“Through deep analysis of voice data complemented by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities in Adobe Sensei, brands can gain robust audience insights and recommendations, while automating the traditionally cumbersome, manual analysis,” Adobe tells us.

Brands are able to take action on these insights more quickly, delivering experiences that “delight customers while informing other touch points such as email and advertising.”

“One of the most important trends in modern technology is how quickly consumers adopt new ways of interacting with content, as we’ve seen with mobile and video,” said Bill Ingram, vice president of Adobe Analytics Cloud. “We expect a similar trajectory with voice enabled devices. In the same way Adobe has shaped web, mobile and customer analytics, Adobe Analytics Cloud will enable brands of all sizes to extend voice data insights across the entire customer journey.”

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