AdMob Now Serving Over 2.7B Ad Requests Per Day, Launches New Tablets Ad Formats

AdMob is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its acquisition by Google, and is announcing some impressive statistics as a result.

In total, AdMob traffic has grown by over 3.5 times over the past year.  In April alone, the ad network was processing over 2.7 billion requests per day — up from just over 2 billion in January.  In addition, the company said there are now over 80,000 mobile Websites and apps in the AdMob network, up from over 50,000 in January.  Ad requests are coming from 11 total countries, the company said, which is up from just three a year ago.

The area showing the most growth, however, is ad requests stemming from tablet devices, which is why the company is announcing several new ad-formats aimed specifically for tablets.  The new formats allow advertisers and publishers to serve full-screen interstitial ads built with HTML5 on smartphones and tablets.  These advertisements can include branded video, image gallery, and interactive formats.  The company said the ratio of mobile to tablet ad requests are now 5 to 1.

Google also announced that DoubleClick for Publishers is now integrated with AdMob, meaning third party ad-serving from DoubleClick is now available on the AdMob network, with support for rich media formats.  AdMob is facing heavy competition from similar ad networks, and while being part of Google obviously has its benefits, the network will have to step things up to compete going forward.