AdMob Mobile Metrics Report: Top Devices & OSs

admob mobile metricsIn its latest Mobile Metrics Report, AdMob takes a look at the top devices and mobile operating systems using data from its expansive mobile advertising network.

Focusing on mobile OS marketshare, and specifically smartphones, the report shows that Palm’s WebOS and Android has gained the most marketshare together with iPhone who continues to dominate the landscape. In the last six months, the iPhone OS’ marketshare has increased from 33 to 40 percent with substantial share in all regions except for Asia and Africa.

In terms of the devices used, RIM slightly lost marketshare, but produced 7 of the top 20 devices used in North America. Nokia, who has lost significant marketshare in the last six months, still boasts 12 of the top 20 smartphone devices in AdMob’s network, and the iPhone represents a solid 50 percent of all smartphone usage in AdMob’s network.

Geographically speaking, it was interesting to note that Nokia almost completely dominated both the top 20 devices in use, as well as the top operating systems in use in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Apple and the iPhone OS also completely dominated the list in all geographical regions- no surprise there.

It’s an interesting glimpse into the smartphone and OS market, given AdMob’s far reach in terms of mobile ad impressions. It would be nice to see an in-depth analysis of all smartphone and OS usage worldwide, but the metrics simply aren’t in place. For now, AdMob usually paints the best picture of the mobile landscape, so we’ll take what we can get.