AdMob Mobile Metrics Report: Android & RIM

AdMob Mobile Metrics Report - Android and RIMAdMob’s latest Mobile Metrics Report focused on taking a look inside each operating system to analyze the distribution of requests coming from different handsets, instead of comparing smartphones platforms against each other as in previous reports.

The report focused primarily on devices from RIM and devices running Android to determine the most popular handsets running each OS, in terms of mobile ad-requests.  Since we all know the iPhone dominates AdMob’s mobile ad-network, it’s interesting to see how Blackberry and Android-based phones stack up in the realm of mobile marketing.

In terms of the distribution of traffic from RIM devices, the 8300 Curve series and 8100 Pearl series still make up the majority of traffic.  However newer devices such as the Tour and updated versions of the Curve (8900 and 8520) are generating an increasing percentage of RIM requests.  The Flip (8220 and 8230), launched over a year ago, has not gained much traction and generated less than 2% of RIM traffic in October 2009.  The first generation Storm generated 12% of requests and has seen its percentage share stay the same over the last year.

What’s more interesting is data derived from Android-based ad-requests.  Android has only been around for roughly a year, and new devices have only just begun to trickle onto the market, but they’re quickly making a splash in terms of mobile advertising activity.  The two newest devices, the Motorola Droid and the Motorola CLIQ — launched only a few weeks ago — are already making themselves known in AdMob’s network.

On November 18th, the Droid already represented 24% of the traffic in AdMob’s Android network (after only two weeks on the market) and the Motorola CLIQ generated 6% of Android requests.  In general, worldwide requests from Android devices increased 5.8 times since April 2009, and in the US, Android has 20% share of smartphone traffic- up from 7% six months before.

It’s interesting to see AdMob, who has historically focused primarily on the iPhone, to release a mobile metrics report focused solely on devices from RIM and those running Android.  Now that it’s a Google company, Android will undoubtedly take the spotlight, even though the iPhone remains the top dog through AdMob’s eyes.