AdMob Giving Away $1M To iPhone “Ad-Developers”

admob-giving-away-1m-to-iphone-ad-developersIt looks as though AdMob wants to become the leader in advertising on the iPhone. To prove it, they’re offering $1 million in free advertising to developers that can create integrated advertising within iPhone native applications and functions such as iTunes, the App Store, audio access, video, phone calls, maps and browser access.

This comes in tangent with AdMob’s recent launch of a global iPhone ad marketplace, and is offering the $1M reward as incentive to developers to create innovative ways to incorporate ads into the iPhone’s unique presence. The reward will be used as free advertising to promote the apps and services that are created using the initiative, as well as a way to encourage developers to get as creative as possible.

Of course, this spells even more opportunity for AdMob, which is quickly becoming the go-to company for integrated iPhone advertising, as well as mobile marketing as a whole. They’ve recently claimed that they’re now serving over 3.5 billion mobile banner and text ads each and every month.

The ads are “graphically wed” to iPhone-specific actions, enabling users to enjoy the benefits of the iPhone while still being exposed to a marketing message in a unique and un-obtrusive method. Things like launching Google Maps to display a brand’s store locations, services, or other business listings near that user’s location is what AdMob is aiming for.

AdMob has already launched several successful iPhone-targeted campaigns for the likes of Land Rover and other national brands, but it was smart to wait for the iPhone 2.0 to come about so it can utilize the GPS and location-aware aspects to really push the limits of integrated mobile marketing.

They obviously understand the tremendous marketing opportunity the iPhone provides, which anyone would be naive to think otherwise, and wants to become the leader before the market gets clouded by competition. The substantial $1M initiative should give iPhone developers a reason to help AdMob make that dream a reality. Let the games begin!