AdMob: 70% Of iPhone Developers Switching To Android

According to a new publisher survey conducted by AdMob, some 70% of iPhone developers expressed interest in moving to the Android platform.  An impressive stat, if you don’t mind that the sampling size to determine the percentage was 108 people total. Still, the findings are...

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AdMob - 70 Percent Of iPhone Developers Switching To AndroidAccording to a new publisher survey conducted by AdMob, some 70% of iPhone developers expressed interest in moving to the Android platform.  An impressive stat, if you don’t mind that the sampling size to determine the percentage was 108 people total.

Still, the findings are interesting.  In advance of its Developer’s Day coming up on Thursday, AdMob sent out surveys to gauge development activity across its network.  Among the finding, the results showed that 31% of developers are currently developing for more than one mobile platform and almost half (47%) said they plan on developing on more than one platform in the next 6 months.

In addition to 70% of iPhone developers planning to develop for Android over the next six months, close to half of Android developers (48%) plan to develop for iPhone during the same time period.  Stepping away from mobile apps, 58% of respondents indicated they develop solely for the mobile web, and that many developers are new to mobile with 49% saying they have been developing for mobile less than a year.

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  1. Adam

    I am an iPhone developer with no intention of “switching” to Android. We may extend our product line to Android but currently the consumer base is too small compared to the massive iPhone user base in the US where most of the action is.

  2. jolie styvers

    I think part of the reason why some other Iphone developers are switching because there are too much competition in the Iphone industry and it’s a bit strict than the Android platform.

  3. Mobile Marketing Platform


    Targeting the average consumer is good. Apple’s problem is that Google is conducting that exact same targeting practice too, only Google is doing it via pretty much every wireless network while Apple locked itself to ONE, Google is using an open approach and allows many hardware manufacturers to sell its operating system while Apple is only doing so through ONE (itself…).
    Apple has no HUGE lead over Android. It does have a great product, don’t get me wrong, but hardware developers like HTC are coming up strong with as good as hardware if not better than Apple’s and Google is very innovative on the software side.(By the way this is why Apple is suing HTC… and that suite is likely to fail too).
    Just like in the PC market, Apple’s strong desire to control everything in its environment and capitalize on innovation alone will be its ultimate downfall.
    In regards to “Indian” vs. “American” developers. Generally speaking you are right, especially if you are working with said “Indian” developers on a project by project basis. However, you will be surprised at the quality of some of those “Indian” developers. This is the reason many major corporations are moving their entire development department to India (and recently Thailand).
    Without a doubt “American” developers are overpriced and you will find that most oth them are now moving to managerial , consulting or product development positions rather than crank out code because there is a much cheaper workforce that is as proficient as the “American” developers but costs as much as 75% less.
    In my company, we use both “American” and “Indian” developers but we do so in a smart way where we employ people on full time basis and make sure they measure up to our standards of quality. The “You get what you paid for” is a good comeback in a sales pitch, I have used it often myself, however, just make sure that at the end of the day the VALUE your client gets is there rather than just the high “American” price tag.

  4. Jason Terhorst

    Apple has it figured out – they’re targeting the average consumer. The average consumer is not like you or most developers – they don’t care about “openness” or junk like that. The average consumer doesn’t care about jailbreaking, and doesn’t see the need to. That’s a geek thing, and it’s not the dominant market segment.

    Apple has a huge lead over Android, and that’s not changing anytime soon.

    And don’t look at many phones for one OS as an advantage – it’s not. It holds the OS back, since you have to begin to account for political issues between manufacturers, and plan for the “lowest common denominator” – features are held back to make sure all devices have a consistent experience, or heavy fragmentation causes variable environments and bugs. Those were things that existed on mobile platforms before, and one of the reasons that so many developers moved to the iPhone originally. The issues that people have with the iPhone are being addressed, and even with those issues the iPhone is far and away the best platform to develop for.

    And don’t give me that crap about “overpaid” American developers. Most of my freelance work is cleaning up memory leaks and unstable code written by cheap developers, and the client has to get rid of the bad taste in their mouth from the previous experience. You always get what you paid for.

  5. leef

    I could believe it i mean look at how many apps are in the iphone store; it’s crowded, way too crowded. And you have to jailbreak your iphone for the really useful apps whereas android is completely open.

  6. Mobile Marketing Platform


    “Indian Developers” are who is behind tons of these “American Companies”…

    As for calling BS – apparently you are looking at who is better (technology) rather than who is more marketable (economics)…

    Android is taking over the world, Google’s marketing strategy is much better than Apple’s hence the market reach and potential of Android is much better than that of Apple…

    Ask yourself, how many hardware manufacturers make phones with iPhone’s operating system? then look at how many do that with the Android operating system… there is your answer…

    Android is taking over the world and there is no one to stand in its way: Windows Mobile 7 is, by far, not a contender, Symbian is pretty much dead, J2ME (and I include Blackberry) is not even close in capabilities…

    When you look at all the factors and you DO count the so called “Indian Developers” that work for $5 and generally do a better job than overpaid “American Developers”, the answer is clear! Android is much better, economically speaking, than iPhone.

  7. Jason Terhorst

    I call BS on this. The *real* iPhone devs I know aren’t touching Android. The $5/hr Indian coders probably are, but I don’t count them.

    AdMob isn’t talking to the developers that count, the ones who make quality apps.

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