AdMob: 70% Of iPhone Developers Switching To Android

AdMob - 70 Percent Of iPhone Developers Switching To AndroidAccording to a new publisher survey conducted by AdMob, some 70% of iPhone developers expressed interest in moving to the Android platform.  An impressive stat, if you don’t mind that the sampling size to determine the percentage was 108 people total.

Still, the findings are interesting.  In advance of its Developer’s Day coming up on Thursday, AdMob sent out surveys to gauge development activity across its network.  Among the finding, the results showed that 31% of developers are currently developing for more than one mobile platform and almost half (47%) said they plan on developing on more than one platform in the next 6 months.

In addition to 70% of iPhone developers planning to develop for Android over the next six months, close to half of Android developers (48%) plan to develop for iPhone during the same time period.  Stepping away from mobile apps, 58% of respondents indicated they develop solely for the mobile web, and that many developers are new to mobile with 49% saying they have been developing for mobile less than a year.