AdMall PRO Introduces New Digital Advertising, Marketing Resource

AdMall PRO Introduces New Digital Advertising, Marketing ResourceThis week at Borrell Local Online Advertising Conference in New York City, AdMall PRO announced the launch of its new Digital Audit.

According to details provided during the conference, AdMall PRO’s Digital Audit is designed to help media account executives sell digital advertising and marketing services more consultatively.

In a nutshell, it uses real-time data to analyze a prospective advertiser’s online activity and findability in areas of digital advertising, local search, SEO, social media, and incoming website traffic.

“It is critical for small business owners to align their digital marketing efforts with how and where their potential customers interact in the digital space,” said C. Lee Smith, president and CEO of Sales Development Services, Inc.  “The truly consultative media salesperson helps their SMB accounts focus on the customers who can make the cash register ring rather than just trying to keep up with what the competition is doing in digital.”

The Digital Audit generates a Digital Opportunity Score indicating which accounts have the most potential for digital revenue. The report also includes selling points for each area of the audit to help demystify digital for legacy media sellers.

We’re told the Digital Audit is now available to all current AdMall PRO subscribers, and as an upgrade for all current AdMall subscribers.