Adjust Now Helps Mobile Marketers Integrate Other Analytics Providers

Adjust Now Helps Mobile Marketers Integrate Other Analytics ProvidersThis week in Berlin, the team at adjust, an app analytics and attribution company, released the fourth generation of its SDK.

The latest release, we’re told, offers up an assortment of new capabilities to transmit data from apps to other analytics providers.

“With better and more sophisticated tools for analytics and user acquisition, mobile marketing is increasingly revolving around leveraging and moving data across third party platforms – from analytics and notifications to email and automation – and with today’s release, adjust is providing best-in-class tools for marketers to manage their app data for optimizing user acquisition and monetization,” the firm said in a provided statement.

With the SDK 4.0 update, clients can now transmit additional, structured data to adjust’ s integrated mobile measurement partners, including Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter. These partners provide functionality above and beyond the core analytics framework, and can now pull more critical data from adjust without requiring the integration of an additional SDK.

“Every time we ship a new version of our SDK, we’re looking to enable marketers with technology that’s more powerful and easier to access,” said Christian Henschel, CEO of adjust. “Many of our partners have very sophisticated systems for campaign analysis, and with the additions of these key integrations in our fourth generation SDK, we’re improving the analytics capabilities of adjust dramatically for our customers.”