Ad Infuse Rolls Out iPhone-Specific Advertising

Since a recent infusion of funds, Ad Infuse is ramping up it’s mobile marketing offerings by introducing new iphone-optimized ads to their already impressive platform.

Dubbed adinMotion, the platform uses algorithms that calculate everything from age targeting, user preferences, geo-targeting and more to serve the most relevant advertising possible for mobile content. Now, with ads specifically for iPhones, they’ve increased their targeting power even more. By utilizing a complete web-based control panel, advertisers can choose what type of advertisement they want, what time and dates to serve the advertisement, what demographic and/or other targeting attributes they prefer, and more. For the iPhone, the platform can integrate a WAP banner on content pages, as well as show short, high-quality video ads that are tied to the WAP banner before the user connects to the content. In other words, the commercial-like video can be from the same advertiser as the WAP banner, creating a multi-platform campaign. They also claim that there’s no wait or buffer time between the video advertisement and the content itself, stating it adds to the “premium user experience.”

AdMob has seen success with serving iPhone-specific ads and campaigns recently, notably with their Land Rover iPhone campaign. Their iPhone ad-serving usually contains more user-interaction such as automotive campaigns that feature zip-code fields for user’s to instantly locate their closest dealer, and offerings. Ad Infuse seems to focus more on the media-rich capabilities of the iPhone rather than user-interaction, but it’s sure to come in the near future.

What will be interesting to see is when companies like AdMob and Ad Infuse start to integrate the media-rich, and touchscreen capabilities of the iPhone with other current and future 3rd party iPhone applications. With Google Maps integrating cellular triangulation to pinpoint where an iPhone user is to within a few meters, it’s only a matter of time before the ads served on iPhones, or any other phone for that matter, will start to integrate with mobile-mapping applications to show location-relevant advertising as well.