Adform Debuts Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home Ad Buying in the U.S.

Adform, one of the world’s leading independent advertising technology platform companies, announced last week at the 2017 Video Everywhere Summit that it has entered into a partnership with Hivestack to enable programmatic buying of DOOH inventory from Adform Demand Side Platform (DSP) in the United States.

With this partnership, digital agencies can purchase guaranteed DOOH deals programmatically via a private marketplace (PMP) in Adform. The first such agency in the U.S. to make use of this new offering is Crossmedia, a global, leading, independent, alternative media agency.

“We’ve been using Adform to buy digital media for some time now, and we are delighted to be able to buy DOOH using the same Adform toolset,” said Lee Beale, Managing Director at Crossmedia (listed on Adweek’s 2017 Top 15 List of Most Innovative Agency Executives in Media Buying and Planning). “This new capability enables us to seamlessly activate DOOH as part of cross-screen, omnichannel strategies for our clients.”

The programmatic solution is made possible due to a joint integration effort between Adform and Hivestack. The integration enables DOOH media owners to use the Hivestack SSP to create custom audience, location-based deals that can be pushed to Adform DSP for programmatic buying. What’s unique about the solution is that it leverages Hivestack’s supply-side DOOH Ad Server to geo-temporally activate DOOH inventory based on observed, mobile device concentrations sourced from Hivestack location partners.

“We are thrilled to offer our buyers the ability to buy DOOH through Adform DSP. DOOH is poised for phenomenal growth in the next 18 months thanks to automation, data, the rise DOOH ad servers and new attribution capabilities that prove the efficacy of the media. As a testament to Adform commitment to this space, we’ve made significant engineering investments to integrate with Hivestack’s Ad Exchange which enables Adform’s U.S. buyers to target custom audiences based on location,” said Julian Baring, General Manager of Adform USA. “I look forward to evangelizing the value proposition of programmatic DOOH to U.S.-based, omnichannel digital marketers and agencies who are already using Adform for other digital programmatic buying.”

The Hivestack Exchange includes supply-side partners such as Lamar Advertising Company, which offers the largest network of digital billboards in the United States.