Adenyo Brings “Real-Time Predictive Analytics” To Mobile Marketers

Adenyo, a mobile marketing software provider, announced today they’ve acquired technology from a company called KinetX, an aerospace engineering consulting and contracting company, to bolster what the company calls internal development of  “predictive consumer analytics, on-demand consumer and market intelligence and real-time shaping of the mobile user experience.”

In other words, it’s a method for real-time analytics, segmentation and predictive modeling to help marketers better understand and market to their target audience and demographics through what’s called “KinetX Analytic Search Technologies, or KAST, which in its simplest explanation is an automated analytics software engine.

“The KAST platform is a truly disruptive technology that will have huge implications on how we think about real-time predictive analytics and business intelligence”, said Tyler Nelson, Adenyo Chairman and CEO.  “Context-driven direct marketing and predictive analytics modelling are critical differentiators for businesses looking to engage customers in compelling marketing communications. We are pleased to welcome the KAST team to Adenyo and believe our joint commitment to innovation, technological excellence and customer satisfaction will ensure we deliver to our clients an unmatched business intelligence offering.”