Adblock Plus Announces New Adblock Browser for Android

Adblock Plus Announces new Adblock Browser for AndroidCyber security is a big issue these days in the mobile device industry, as cyber attacks, malware and malvertising continue to increase. To that end, Adblock Plus recently announced on their blog that they have a new, complete mobile ad blocking solution combined with an excellent browser, and that users can opt-in to start trying it.

Named Adblock Browser, it’s said to automatically block annoying ads on any Android smartphone, as well as keep the user safer from malware threats and give them more control of their browsing activities.

The new Adblock Browser comes preinstalled with Adblock Plus, and provides a number of features that should give Android device users a little bit more peace of mind. Those include automatic ad blocking as an integrated feature, faster and more efficient browsing and safer browsing as well.

Even better, while Adblock Browser gives Android users the ability to block all annoying ads, it also allows nonintrusive ads to display, which will hopefully lead to better adds that are more relevant to their particular taste and/or needs (Something that marketers should certainly like).

With better security and the ability to block annoying ads, it’s likely that their new Adblock Browser we’ll be a hit for Adblock Plus.