Adaptive Media Releases Enhanced Media Graph Platform

Adaptive Media Releases Enhanced Media Graph PlatformContent syndication and monetization company Adaptive Media, a leader in programmatic advertising across mobile, video and online display, just announced the release a new, enhanced version of Media Graph.

The new version, we’re told, is designed to enable faster delivery of video content and ad serving.

Media Graph, the company’s flagship product, provides benefits for publishers, producers, and advertisers looking for an easy, efficient, centralized solution for content management and delivery; intelligent ad serving; and real-time analytics for campaigns across any screen.

“Today’s digital video economy is messy, complicated, and inefficient, which makes it hard for online publishers to navigate,” said Adaptive Media’s SVP of Product and Technology Omar Akram. “Specialized service providers are useful to an extent, but they weren’t conceived to integrate with others. Our enhanced platform streamlines the balance of content, audience, and revenue. Users can easily leverage our video player technology, massive library of video content, and ad serving capabilities all in one system.”

The new platform features?

Among them are:

  • HTML5 (Fully Responsive)/Flash-Friendly Video Player: Users can easily and effectively deliver and monetize digital content across all screens and devices through one centralized location with a new player that is lighter, faster, and mobile capable.
  • Easy Interface: Users can navigate through an elegant, simplified UI to monetize their ad operations and organize workflow.
  • Collaboration Tools for Cross-Account Features: Users have the flexibility of connecting with publishers from different accounts, which includes sharing of video playlists and syncing players across multiple sites.
  • Dynamic Playlists: Users can manage dynamically updated video playlists, which show optimal video content based on their interests. Advertisers are matched together with relevant content based on keywords, length, and vertical.
  • White Label Branding: Users can establish their own platform around their brand and clientele.
  • Compliance Tools: Users can implement dynamic block lists that supervise behavior of third-party creatives.
  • Ad Serving DNA: Cutting edge server technology built directly into the Media Graph platform, resulting in increased revenue by delivering the fastest ad load times.

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