Ad Ventures Inc. Partners with Boomdash for Regional Advertising

Boomdash, LLC, a provider of in turn-key search engine and mobile marketing for local businesses, has announced a partnership with Ad Ventures Inc.

And whom does it benefit? Local advertisers.

Ad Ventures Inc. is a full-service national and regional directional marketing agency. The partnership will allow Ad Ventures Inc. advertisers to advertise online and on mobile phones, which may be a key to helping small, regional businesses navigate difficult economic times.

As you can imagine, advertisers with local and national directory publishers are requesting new media advertising opportunities. Although meeting this demand can be time consuming and costly, Boomdash offers ad placement agencies a “simple, low-cost solution to provide what the advertisers want most-to be found by their customers when they search on the Internet.”

“We are pleased to be representing Boomdash Reach & Go regionally and nationally for our advertisers,” said Dave Miglin, Ad Ventures Inc. Director of Interactive Services.

“We evaluated several leading Search Engine Marketing companies in order to find the best possible partner. We chose Boomdash over those competitors because of the simplicity and compelling value Reach & Go can provide to all of our advertisers.”