Ad Technology Budgets Reconsidered

Ad Technology Budgets ReconsideredLaurie Sullivan of MediaPost recently posed an intriguing question: How will companies spend their technology money this year?

According to Sullivan’s insightful commentary, the buzz in the industry suggests that CMOs will take greater control of tech budgets from IT.

And there’s data to back up that projection.

Research firm Gartner now estimates that by 2017, CMOs will spend substantially more than CIOs.

The CMO now takes accountability for market success, not just market perception, Sullivan explains. It’s no longer about having a vision, but rather about listening to consumers to adapt the game plan. CMOs also have (or should have) better knowledge about how much various marketing initiatives cost and what is required to get adequate return on investment.

One of the biggest challenges for marketers in the current environment, the post deduces, is learning more about emerging technology, such as beacons. New tools are destined to change the marketplace in interesting ways.

Whether or not CMOs rise to the occasion to make the most of the opportunities ahead remains to be seen.

To check out Sullivan’s writing in its entirety, click here.