Ad Tech Coming of Age, Says Industry Exec

Ad Tech Coming of Age, Says Industry ExecMatt Rizzetta, President and CEO of the North 6th Agency (N6A), says advertising technology is in the middle of an exciting, game-changing evolution.

When asked in a recent interview what has changed for ad tech companies in their approach and priorities when it comes to PR recently, Rizzetta spoken candidly about the changes observed.

“Without question the ad/tech sector has undergone a massive transformation over the past few years,” Rizzetta tells NativeMobile. “When we’re speaking to clients and prospects in the ad/tech industry it’s clear that the audience that matters to them is vast, and no longer limited to just the ad/tech junkies as was the case a few years ago.”

“Now we’re seeing business executives, sales professionals, IT decision makers, and everyone in between paying attention to the ad/tech sector and following the headlines that are impacting the industry in a way they never had before,” he adds. “Because our client base and expertise within the ad/tech sector is broad — it’s not limited only to a specific subset of ad/tech — in a sense this has really played to our advantage.”

With regard to trends that he’s following in the ad/tech industry, some have definitely piqued Rizzetta’s interest as of late.

“On the M&A side you wouldn’t have a pulse if you didn’t get excited about all the news and headlines that are being made in ad/tech,” Rizzetta explains. “It seems like every day we’re reading about a new entrant to the space, a high-profile acquisition or IPO, or a record-setting fundraising round. I’ll never forget in the course of one week receiving calls from a trio of our ad/tech clients. One of whom gave us a heads-up about raising a new round of funding, another one who was gearing up for an IPO, and then another one who was positioning themselves for a sale. Now if that’s not a full week I don’t know what is! I was joking with our team just the other day that the only thing that’s predictable about ad/tech right now is its unpredictability. That’s probably the best way to summarize the historic times the industry is facing right now.”

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