Ad Industry First: Fadel Launches Rights Cloud

Ahead of the weekend, FADEL — a longtime provider of innovative cloud-based IP rights and royalty management for powerhouse brands like Marvel Entertainment, O’Reilly Media and Pearson Education — announced the release of Rights Cloud.

Rights Cloud is described as being a solution that can help brands and agencies of any size quickly navigate complex rights issues to reduce production time and cost, maximize the use/reuse of content and avoid the high price for misuse of intellectual property.

We’re told that Rights Cloud is the company’s first solution expressly designed for the brand and advertising community, envisioned as the most comprehensive and usable software platform for the unique rights management challenges facing the industry.

Rights Cloud is designed to seamlessly integrate into the most popular digital asset management and advertising platforms utilized at large to small sized agencies and brands, including Abode, OpenText, Box and Adstream. Brand managers gain instant access to talent profiles including their agent relationship, assignments, characteristics and associated assets as well as agreements, releases and usage terms.

“We are bringing all we have learned from our 14 years’ experience and innovation with rights management and technology to the advertising community with Rights Cloud,” says Tarek Fadel, FADEL’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer.