Ad Age Touts ‘Mobile Marketing Fact Pack’

Ad Age has released its first ever ‘Mobile Marketing Fact Pack.’

“If you’re still wondering if it’s the year of mobile,” Ad Age asks in the formal announcement of its insightful new report, “you’ve already missed it. While the medium pales in advertising dollars spent — just $6.4 billion worldwide in 2012 — it occupies an outsized place in the marketer’s consciousness. Why? The smartphone, now carried by nearly half of all Americans who own a mobile phone, is a computer, a camera, a map, a compass and, for a small-but-growing number, a wallet.”

The new report delves into multiple aspects of the mobile industry, including the ranking of today’s  most profitable agencies in terms of their mobile revenue.

Among the report’s most interesting aspects is Ad Age’s exploration of the growth inside the mobile eCommerce industry.

While widespread use of the mobile phone to pay for things seems a way off, the phone is now dictating buying decisions as much as any devices before it.

To read the Ad Age report in full, click here.