Acuity Mobile Teams with AlphaTrek to Achieve “Advanced Location Targeting”

If Acuity Mobile Inc. has anything to do with it mobile marketing will reach groundbreaking new heights poised to boggle the mind while expanding the limits of what mobile marketing can achieve.

Acuity Mobile Inc., a well-known provider of mobile marketing strategies and solutions, has partnered with AlphaTrek, a technology firm “specializing in real-time location services.” According to early reports, Acuity will coalesce its Embedded Mobile Advertising Platform (EMAP) with AlphaTrek’s advanced tracking technology to provide “precision mobile marketing opportunities for its clients with an accuracy range of 3-5 feet. “

To a large degree, Acuity Mobile’s location-based platform foreshadows what is likely to be the preeminent 21st Century solution for “e-commerce offerings.” To date, it is the only established platform that fuses location awareness, database analytic marketing, multiple messaging methods and what has been described as a “compelling user interface.”

“Tracking accuracy of 3-5 feet,” said Acuity President Alan Sultan, “can identify a consumer’s proximity to a specific retail store rack or display. By combining that level of accuracy with Acuity’s user demographics capabilities, mobile marketers can offer coupons for specific products as a shopper walks the aisles of a supermarket; discounts from retailers as consumers move from one section of a store to another; or introductory messages from vendors to visitors walking a trade show floor.”