Actors Ready for Their Close Up Can Now Go Mobile

The casting process will never be the same.

Now, not only can you use your smartphone to find dates, food, rides and more, you can now use it to audition.

“Everything you need to land your big break — or find the perfect talent for your production — is already right in the palm of your hand,” says the team at UpCast, a Silicon Beach startup company that is changing the way the entertainment industry discovers, auditions, and hires actors and models.

In short, this is the first mobile platform that instantly, digitally connects talent and productions through the entire casting process.

Using the UpCast mobile and web apps, production companies and casting professionals can upload detailed information about open roles in their upcoming projects, and actors and models can then audition for those roles from within the app.

“With a few clicks in the UpCast app, actors and models can record themselves auditioning for each open role and then submit their auditions directly to casting professionals, independent filmmakers, or companies looking for talent,” the company says. “Swipe. Audition. Submit. It’s that easy. What’s more, you don’t need to be repped by the ‘in’ agents in town — UpCast has a democratizing effect, opening doors and making roles more accessible to all. UpCast just might help you get the big break you’ve been waiting for.”

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