ActiveMedia Launches “Next-Generation” Platform

ActiveMedia has a mobile solution for just about every situation; from mobile ticketing to mobile “loyalty” and a few days ago announced the launch of their new mobile marketing platform dubbed ActiveFRONT. It aims to “comprehensively bring the power of WAP and SMS together to deliver fully integrated mobile marketing campaigns.”

ActiveFRONT aims to offer fully managed, “campaign-aligned” mobile Internet sites that work with SMS and WAP marketing campaigns to deliver a unique marketing impact and significantly richer brand experience to the end-users. ActiveFRONT seeks to be particularly relevant for marketers wanting to run mobile campaigns that feature community-portals for things like special interest groups, lead generation, product catalog, and content sales and delivery. Raj Singh, Managing Director, at ActiveMedia said this about the new platform;

“We are proud to leverage our deep experience and unmatched understanding of mobile marketing to bring this cutting edge services suite. ActiveFRONT services include campaign conceptualization, design, building, hosting, content management, and auxiliary services such as SMS/WAP push, plus campaign management and promotion. We are sure that this suite would be of great benefit to brands and agencies looking to tap the mobile medium. ActiveFRONT is part of our ongoing commitment in 2008 to offer marketers a complete portfolio of mobile marketing and advertising services.”

The platform looks like it takes good advantage of WAP campaigns opposed to other mobile channels only because of the increased interactivity of a WAP environment. Because of this, ActiveFRONT includes a ton of call-to-actions that can be used to boost the campaign; things like Click2SMS, Click2Call and Click2Email.