ActionX Hooks Up with Top Mobile Analytics Providers

ActionX Hooks Up with Top Mobile Analytics ProvidersOn Tuesday, MMW was briefed by representatives for ActionX, specialists in mobile app and cross-screen retargeting, about the company’s latest news.

ActionX is touting its direct integration with six leading mobile analytics providers to enable ActionX clients to “significantly reduce the time to launch mobile and cross-screen retargeting campaigns.”

To achieve this integration, ActionX taps directly into first party data collected from analytics providers, which can be further segmented to create custom campaigns. Recent customer data has shown that ActionX’s platform has given marketers a 2-3X improvement in click through rates (CTR) while return on ad spend (ROAS) has climbed as high as 20-1.

“One of the biggest challenges with mobile app retargeting is how to quickly and effectively integrate data from multiple sources,” said Evan Schwartz, CEO of ActionX. “We’ve been able to successfully partner with the most popular third party analytics providers used by retailers, subscription brands and travel brands to ensure that our retargeting campaigns run seamlessly and almost immediately using existing data.”

So far, ActionX has integrated with third party analytics providers AD-X, AppsFlyer, Apsalar, HasOffers, Kochava, and TapSense.

ActionX says this allows brands that are already tracking and measuring in-app mobile metrics, to better leverage that data for driving consumer engagement and conversions through retargeting.