Act-On Brings the Waze Experience to B2B Marketing Automation

This week, Act-On Software — a leading provider of marketing automation for fast-growing businesses — announced a vision to “enable marketers to easily implement an adaptive marketing strategy for their business.”

To that end, Act-On is showcasing a strategy and technology platform that will enable marketers to connect with their buyers and customers in more personalized ways through Adaptive Journeys.

“The Act-On platform can recognize behaviors, preferences, and interests, and use that data to automatically adapt the message, the timing, and the delivery channel for more customized engagements,” the company tells us.

Act-On, we’re told, is the first marketing automation platform built on a modern, NoSQL cloud architecture.

Unlike competitive systems, Act-On does not have to be rebuilt from the ground up in order to leverage machine learning and big data. As a result, Act-On has a clear advantage over these vendors by being able to add a machine learning layer on top of its existing platform, which today is the bedrock for Adaptive Journeys.

The company’s 2017-18 product roadmap is focused on building a predictive engagement engine on this real-time platform that can automatically tailor customer journeys (timing, channel & message) to an individual’s preferences and behaviors.

According to this week’s official word, Act-On will be expanding on the use cases for personalization, going beyond personalized content & messaging, to also include personalized delivery channels and sending times.

“Act-On is going to make predictive intelligence the new normal, and that’s a game changer for marketers like me in mid-sized organizations who often don’t have access to that level of sophistication,” said Cynthia Schulte, GM Nameplate’s Senior Marketing Manager. “I’m looking forward to building Adaptive Journeys in Act-On to transform the way we engage and build relationships with our buyers. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.”