Acquity Groups Leads An Aggressive Charge

Acquity Group is the next in line to emerge with their own iPhone-optimized web site.

The web site, which provides iPhone users with (what else wold you expect them to say?) an “enhanced experience,” will be available for other smartphones by the end of the summer.

The goal of the web application is to provide “an additional outlet for individuals to access information about its recent work, new offerings, and latest thought leadership.”

What this announcement really suggests is the aggressive agenda for not only Acquity but for others in the mobile marketing industry.

Acquity alone is currently developing more than a dozen mobile applications and optimized web sites for some of the country’s leading retailers. As some have recently become aware, Acquity Group has developed a “rapid-launch solution that will enable an organization to roll-out a mobile commerce initiative in as fast as eight weeks.”

As one who loves the power of mobile for local commerce, I’m thrilled that leaders from Acquity Group’s mobile offering group are also communicating their mobile expertise locally. As an active participant in the mobile development community known as Mobile Monday (MoMo) Chicago, Acquity Group is aiming to build Chicago (a potential host of the Summer Olympic Games in seven years) as a hub of mobile activity.

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