Acquisio Introduces New Call Tracking Program

Acquisio Introduces New Call Tracking ProgramMMW learned today that Acquisio is launching the new Acquisio Call Tracking Program, a technology  partnership program designed to help SEM agencies, resellers and Channel Partners track, report and optimize their clients’ PPC campaign performance based on the phone calls that are generated through their preferred call tracking platforms.

We’re told that the program relies on extensions which are designed to retrieve the call data for each campaign, ad group, keyword and ad very accurately, and bring it into the Acquisio platform where it can be used for optimization and reporting, among other things.

The company says that nine of the world’s leading call tracking solutions are already fully engaged with a good number of customers already taking advantage of the program.

Together these companies represent the vast majority of call tracking companies in operation today.

All told, Acquisio boasts that it can accommodate any agency with a solution that delivers superior performance for those clients who rely on phone calls to drive business results.

“Acquisio has created a proprietary method to exchange data with third party platforms in a secure, reliable and scalable waym” explains Keith Meagher, Director of Business Solutions at Acquisio . “This was the foundation for the Acquisio Call Tracking Program, and it also supports a significant number of other integrations with third parties such as CRM, ERP, Web Analytics, DSPs and Ad Servers.”