Ace Marketing Now Offering BlueBite Proximity Services

BlueBite is a bluetooth proximity marketing system we’ve talked about before, that uses bluetooth and wifi technology to beam content and advertising directly to mobile devices. It’s had it’s privacy issues, but when done correctly it can be a great marketing tool. Ace Marketing and Promotions thought so too.

The two companies have a cross-marketing agreement that will allow Ace Marketing to offer the proximity marketing services provided by BlueBite, and will provide its clients with a revolutionary interactive, and situation specific, consumer experience to help them market their products or services. Since Ace already covers nearly every aspect of marketing across all mediums, the bluetooth technology is a nice compliment to their already impressive portfolio of services. In the words of Ace’s CEO…

“…This partnership means individuals will be able to truly interact with advertising, downloading and redeeming a digital coupon for example, or viewing exclusive out-of-home video content that pertains to what they are doing at any given moment. This new medium enhances and simplifies everyday activities such as shopping and travel. And since the transmissions are independent of cell phone carriers, the content is always free…”

Ace Marketing has already deployed BlueBite’s technology in a few major markets like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, and BlueBite has already transmitted 30-second videos of CW’s shows at strategic locations, two-for-one beverage coupons at nightclubs around the country and content to drive booth foot-traffic at trade shows.

The two companies plan to set up bluetooth “hotspots” in shopping malls, sports arenas, concert venues, airports, transit hubs, and other high-density foot traffic areas. Every deployment will allow mobile phone users to opt-in to receive various digital content, via Bluetooth and WiFi, when they are in the vicinity of the target location.