Accenture: Post and Parcel Organizations Have Opportunities to Turn Digital Investments into Financial Benefits

Improving digital performance at post and parcel organizations is critical to successfully capturing the revenue potential created by the explosive growth of eCommerce and to compete effectively in an increasingly crowded delivery landscape.

That’s the opening salvo in a new report from Accenture.

For the first time, we’re told that Accenture measured post and parcel organizations by the same criteria it used to assess more than 370 companies across eight other industries as part of Accenture’s high performance digital research.

The report, The Value Game-Changer: Digital Performance in the Post and Parcel Industry, examined the digital performance of 31 post and parcel organizations to understand how digital technologies could help generate revenue on pace with a booming eCommerce marketplace.

“As the pace of digital change is accelerating daily, last-mile delivery companies will need to leverage digital solutions to remain relevant and competitive in a fast-changing market. eCommerce growth is enticing new entrants and investment. This growth and competition will force post and parcel organizations to become more digital to create the agility and flexibility they will need. And those same digital capabilities will be essential to creating the growth they’ll need to achieve high performance,” said Brody Buhler, who leads Accenture’s global post and parcel business.

To learn more, check out the Accenture report here.