Our History…

Mobile Marketing Watch, otherwise referred to as MMW (because writing “Mobile Marketing Watch” just takes too damn long) is owned and operated by the Los Angeles based communications company, mobileStorm.

In addition to selling its SaaS offering to businesses for email, mobile and social messaging, mobileStorm employs a staff of independent writers who have complete editorial freedom over their content and reader interaction.  MMW and its writers cover an array of topics that touch all areas of the mobile ecosystem — everything from advertising, to technology, and even healthcare.

In 2008 mobileStorm acquired MMW, increasing traffic tenfold and turning it into one of the most powerful mobile marketing blogs in the country, according to Ad Age’s “Power 150” list.  Currently, MMW is looked upon as a leading destination for timely news, resources, insight and industry commentary.

mobileStorm has been in business over a decade, and while operating MMW certainly has its perks, the company is immensely dedicated to promoting and evangelizing the mobile channel wherever it can.  mobileStorm sees MMW as its part in helping grow the fascinating industry we call mobile.