ABI Research Shows That China is Rapidly Adopting, Deploying Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly popular and effective within the world’s most populous mobile community – China.

According to the freshly published findings by the ABI Research Technology Barometer, “technologically competent Chinese city-dwellers are increasingly embracing mobile marketing and advertising.”

Respondents were asked to indicate what actions they had taken as a result of clicking on an ad displayed on their mobile phones over the previous three months. Nearly half (49%) had received a coupon, while 46% had investigated the product or service and 45% had signed up to receive text alerts. These were the most common responses.

Without haste, mobile marketing is proving the go-to channel for businesses looking to make a splash within the urban Chinese market.

“Commercialization of the mobile Internet through advertising is fairly strong in China,” says Neil Strother of ABI. “It’s possible that newly-affluent Chinese consumers are more receptive to advertising than some of their – often jaded – western counterparts whose cultures have been saturated with ads for many generations.”

The latest data compiled by MediaMind shows that mobile advertising now outperforms standard banner marketing in China.

Widespread industry estimates project that purchasing digital goods via mobile phones will be carried out by 2.5 billion people within four years, as opposed to 1.8 billion people in 2011. And China will call home to millions of those new mobile commerce customers.

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