ABI Research Honors Mobile Network Hot Tech Innovator

CellMining Ltd, a provider of behavior-based network analytics and optimization, announced this week that it has been named as a “Mobile Network Hot Tech Innovator” by ABI Research in its latest market report, entitled “Radio Access Network and Core Network Hot Tech Innovators 3Q 2017”.

The report singled out 15 innovative companies, among them CellMining, which it believes are at the forefront of driving innovation in mobile network infrastructure.

According to ABI Research analysts, the next three to four years will see mobile networks evolving in a way that is significantly more transformational than just the shift to IP, in order to address new challenges and opportunities facing the mobile network operators (MNOs).
The key technology trends impacting mobile networks that have been identified by ABI Research include: leveraging Big Data analytics to employ granular network data to enhance network performance; the growing need for an effective self-organizing network (SON) solution; the application of virtualization and software-defined networking technologies; and the evolution of the mobile edge to improve customer quality of experience (QoE) and create monetization opportunities for the operator.

“We are delighted that ABI Research has recognized CellMining’s contribution to driving innovation in mobile networks,” said Assaf Aloni, VP Marketing of CellMining. “The CellMining solution is breaking new ground in two of these trends, by using Big Data analytics to correlate real-time customer experience against network Key Quality Indicators (KQI) and using this analysis to generate actionable insights, driving SON, and enabling the route towards the ideal Connected Car experience.”