ABI Ranks Top Indoor Location Vendors

ABI Ranks Top Indoor Location VendorsAccording to the latest data presented through the ABI Research Indoor Location vendor matrix, Google is best placed, with Qualcomm and Motorola filling out the top three positions.

As MMW has reported in the past, the vendor matrix compares 34 leading companies on 15 criteria across the broader categories of indoor location, analytics, and mapping Innovation and Implementation.

Google’s ability to address the full value chain coupled with recent announcements around sensor fusion, indoor mapping, and always-on location mean it is very well placed. But it must be pointed out that this is not another market that Google is going to dominate.

As ABI explains, Qualcomm has publicly announced its iZat ubiquitous location platform, which forms the background of its Gimbal developer platform, featuring an array of related technologies such as always-on location, geofencing, object recognition, and a variety of location technologies. It is also driving innovation around Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE in terms of future indoor location technologies.

Motorola has been quietly developing a compelling solution, which it now needs to support with a full VAS suite. All other major Wi-Fi access point vendors have now entered the market with Aruba Networks and Ruckus Wireless joining the ever-present Cisco.

“When we look at the emerging start-ups, NextNav, Movea, ByteLight and Insiteo occupy similar positions as acquired companies such as WifiSLAM and Meridian did last year,” says ABI senior analyst, Patrick Connolly. “Bluetooth will be the big technology trend next year, but in terms of acquisition the focus will be sensor-fusion, RF mapping, and new technologies such as visible light. ABI Research has also identified a number of new entrants that should be watched, such as InvisiTrack, iPosi, Senionlab, Indoo.rs, and ShopperTrak.”