ABI: Operators Struggling to Meet Demand for Data Services

ABI Operators Struggling to Meet Demand for Data ServicesThe global demand for data services intensified dramatically this year, a development that has created numerous headaches for operators around the world.

With the explosion in mobile data traffic, ABI Research found, operators are struggling to provide the data services that their customers desire.
Consequently, ABI forecasts that mobile monitoring and optimization equipment revenue will increase to over $9 billion by 2018.

Operators can remain competitive by continuously providing their customers with high performance data services even with congested networks.

“Mobile operators are feeling the squeeze on data capacity, and with solutions such as Self-Optimizing Networks (SON) and Wi-Fi offloading they can assure that their customers receive the best possible service at all times,” says research analyst Sabir Rafiq.

“The coordination between the macro cells and small cells is vital to deliver optimum performance of the radio network and provide a meaningful end customer experience,” Rafiq adds.