ABI: Enterprises Must Establish Clear Security Protocols for Wearables

Are wearables safe enough to ease the minds of privacy watchdogs? Definitely not. And more needs to be done — and fast, given the speed at which the wearables market is heating up.

The enterprise wearable camera market continues to see growth through law enforcement, field services, and first responder applications due to their ability to collect evidence and record interactions.

ABI Research forecasts enterprise wearable camera shipments will reach nearly 24 million in 2022.

Yet as growth fuels, so do privacy and data protection concerns, the provided report summary notes.

“Despite clear advantages to the usage of this technology, enterprises fear attacks from cybercriminals and data theft,” says Stephanie Lawrence, Research Analyst at ABI Research. “With massive data leaks often reaching mainstream news, public concern is rising over the security of wearable camera recordings, including who has access to such footage and for how long.”

The findings are included in ABI Research’s Enterprise Wearable Cameras: Devices, Use Cases, and Supplier Ecosystem Analysis report available here.