A Toast to Mobile Marketing… Literally.

In this economy, there’s not much to which investors can offer an optimistic toast.

So, without much to drink to, investors in mobile marketing campaigns are looking directly to the drinks.

Although the economy is presumably driving more people to hit the sauce, it’s also inspiring the world’s biggest alcoholic beverage makers to crank out mobile marketing campaigns promoting their products and, most importantly, their message.

All eyes in the world of top shelf alcohol are on Absolut vodka, which will launch this week their new “Recognize the Moment” campaign, which refers to the moment, as the introductory page explains, when you choose to “say yes to drinking in a responsible way.”

You can check it out at absolut.com/recognizethemoment

The material online will also include a feature called Text the Moment, enabling cellphone users to send themselves text messages intended to reinforce a moderation mode.

The total budget for the campaign is estimated at just under $500,000. And according to some industry analysts, a new wave of beer and premium liquor ads are on the horizon. And the success (or failure) of this half million Absolut campaign could very well determine how extensive or simple those subsequent campaigns will be.

Hopefully this Absolut endeavor won’t leave its advertisers with a mobile marketing hangover.