A 'Terrorizing' Reality for Android

A 'Terrorizing' Reality for AndroidAccording to a new report from Recorded Future, Al-Qaeda prefers Android to iOS.

So why exactly does the terrorist organization prefer Android?  For one thing, it’s cheaper.

“The large availability and affordability of Android phones, especially in underdeveloped countries, is probably the reason for this,” the report summary explains.

While the same report notes that Al-Qaeda has, in fact, changed its use of encryption in the wake of the “Snowden leaks,” Al-Qaeda’s dependence on Android remains on the rise.

“GIMF, another media arm of Al-Qaeda, also launched a new version of their Android software since our last post,” the report author notes. “Interestingly, between these two new product releases this continues the bet on mobile and Android as the preferred platform for these groups.”

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