A Snack, Not a Meal: Most Smartphone, Desktop Video Ad Views Are Short-Form

A Snack, Not a Meal Most Smartphone, Desktop Video Ad Views Are Short-FormLooks like we’re a nation of snackers — and that goes for video views, too.

“Most digital video ads viewed on smartphones and desktop or laptop PCs are served against short-form video content, suggesting that digital viewers are mostly accessing shorter, more snackable content on these devices,” reports eMarketer this week.

FreeWheel research in Q3 this year discovered that 69 percent of digital video ad views served by its platform to smartphones “occurred while users watched content shorter than 20 minutes.”

Fully 59 percent of digital video ad impressions on desktop and laptop devices supported short-form and mid-form content.

“On tablets, digital video ads were more likely to support long-form viewing — clips longer than 20 minutes. And the largest share of video ads on over-the-top (OTT) devices supported live content, which involved 61 percent of digital video ad views,” according to eMarketer.

True, the time users are spending with digital video is growing like gangbusters. Stats for 2015 suggest adults in the U.S. will spend an average of 12 minutes per day watching digital video on their smartphones and an average of 14 minutes on their tablets.

But especially on mobile and tablets, they want it in small, manageable bites.