A Rise In Niche-Oriented Mobile Marketing Firms

Mobile marketing companies or “providers” have been popping up all over the place to get in on the ever-growing industry, and to get their own piece of the pie, so to speak.

The problem with most new firms is that they tend to focus on providing an “all-inclusive” approach to mobile marketing services and campaigns.  The phrase “jack off all trades, master of none” comes to mind.

The problem with this approach is the fact that many people not associated with mobile marketing still have no working knowledge or basic understanding of the techniques and methodology associated within.  In the end, you’re still confusing the potential customers by throwing everything from SMS to mobile display, search and other forms of marketing at them without focusing on their core needs as a mobile advertiser.

This is why it’s nice to see the rise in niche-oriented mobile marketing firms and providers that focus on one technology or methodology at a time, and do it well.  By choosing one method and niche, you gain a very in-depth knowledge of how that specific mobile marketing technology can benefit that niche, as well as an understanding as to how to interpret those benefits to the potential client.

A perfect example of this practice is a new mobile firm called “The Mobile Flyer.”  Its core focus is to provide SMS-based lead-generation and marketing services to Real Estate agents and professionals that want to utilize mobile technology in their businesses.

Their service is simple; to provide lead-generation via Real Estate signage and simple SMS call-to-actions.  The Realtor gets instant lead notification anytime anyone uses the SMS-based system to get more information about a particular property, and the consumer gets instant information about that property in real-time.

It’s not necessarily a new way of doing things, but the approach is dead on in my opinion.  They provide one simple service, explain the benefits and process very well and leave out all the complication and jargon that might scare away potential users.

With mobile marketing still being associated with being complicated and expensive (even though it’s not), the niche-based approach makes much more sense than trying to be a jack of all trades.