A “NEWCAR” Smell for Mobile Marketing

We’ve already witnessed through myriad examples how mobile marketing has infiltrated multiple industries. The vehicle business, however, remains particularly enamored with its charms.

Case in point; the new deal revealed this week by Dealer Text Solutions that introduced the world to ‘NEWCAR’, a “powerful new web-based application that helps automobile retailers sell more vehicles through mobile marketing.” From the looks of it, the application will enable auto retailers to advertise their vehicles using the best, most memorable vanity common short code possible – NEWCAR (639227) – and allows instant, two-way communication with mobile shoppers.

Based on what I’ve heard thus far, the application is fairly simplistic from a user’s standpoint but has the potential to be very effective at least in terms of the fortune one would otherwise have to spend for more conventional means of marketing, such as television spots or print media.

If you’re wondering how it works, dealerships license the NEWCAR web-based software (which includes 50 VINcodes, or 4-digit numbers that are assigned to vehicles in inventory). Then, each VINcode is established with a personalized, automated response about that vehicle. When dealerships advertise that vehicle in print or online, they include the 4-digit VINcode and NEWCAR short code and mobile consumers can text in to instantly receive information on vehicles of interest. If interested, mobile consumers can click through to websites for more information or opt-in to receive more information from the sales department.

Along with many others, I’m sure, I’m eager to gauge the consumer market’s response to NEWCAR. For now, though, you can check out www.dealertext.com for more information about this quirky but very cool application.