A New Twist On Mobile Advertising By TapSlide

TapSlide, Inc. made its debut on February 1st, vowing to provide a new twist on “complete mobile marketing solutions” for it’s clients. The company focuses on building branded mobile applications for iPhone, Android, and Symbian platforms, as well as combining those mobile applications with a branded desktop widget to engage users further.

The idea is to build brand awareness and retention with the use of mobile applications, and widgets that user’s can interact with in a on-going manner instead of the traditional method of inserting ads on mobile websites. In the words of Mike Stemple, President of TapSlide;

“…Why buy ads on a mobile ad network when an advertiser can have a complete mobile marketing solution that engages the user, not only when they are using their phone, but also when they are in front of their desktop as well…”

The company plans to utilize the new popularity of touch-screen devices, such as the iPhone, to develop private-label applications and application publishing services for it’s clients, and developers. As per their website;

“…The explosive growth of touch screen smart phones presents a new opportunity – the ability to provide a new channel for distributing and monetizing a brand through mobile applications and content. Imagine providing a new means for mobile phone users to interact with your brands every day, while also providing content and services that are relevant to the user and generate revenue…”

We’re beginning a new era in mobile marketing brought on by advanced technology on mobile devices. A good example of this is the way AdMob caught the iPhone bandwagon with their introduction of specialized ads focused on the iPhone user. In a recent successful campaign with AdMob and Land Rover, a small ad was served on iPhones that incorporated a zip-code finder that allowed user’s to instantly search for the nearest dealer. This new form of marketing-interaction proved to be very successful for Land Rover. TapSlide looks to be going the same direction with their focus on iPhone and other touch-screen device applications, while providing yet another innovative channel for mobile advertisers.