A Moment of Levity Comes to Gun Safety Marketing

A Moment of Levity Comes to Gun Safety MarketingA very serious subject became a laughing matter recently, but only to reinforce with a chuckle the underlying gravity of the issue at hand.

A public service announcement created by the nonprofit group Evolve Together has made an indelible impact on how gun safety is marketed in the U.S. today — through humor.

If you haven’t yet seen the PSA, check it out here.


As a result of the brilliant marketing behind the message, reports suggest that online searches related to gun safety tips and strategies have exploded this summer.

In particular, gun owners are taking more seriously than ever the importance of keeping their firearms secure in a gun safe or vault made by companies like Fort Knox, one of the most preeminent names in security for the better part of three decades.

To learn more about gun safety, your options for securing firearms, and the latest stats on firearms ownership in America, peruse the infographic and video shared below.