A Mobile Push for The New Pearl Jam Album?

After last night’s performance on the first installment of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, all eyes are on are Pearl Jam today in the wake of news that the ledgends of rock may have big – and  somewhat unexpected – plans in the mobile realm.

After ending their nearly two-decade long affiliation with the Sony music, Pearl Jam’s forthcoming album, Backspacer, was initially believed to be planned only for release in stores and carry no mobile affiliation with any wireless carriers or digital platforms.

Not so fast.

Although nothing is confirmed and we’re dealing almost exclusively with rumors, there is reason to believe that Verizon Wireless will soon announce a deal to distribute music from the new album. After all, only a few months ago Verizon’s V Cast Music introduced a series of exclusive full-track downloads for the digitally remastered edition of Pearl Jam’s 1991 debut album.

With both the relationship and opportunity present, rumbings persist that Pearl Jam and Verzon wireless will soon announce yet another joint venture.

Stay tuned.