A Loyalty Program Worth Drinking To

Be good to Starbucks and Starbucks will be good to you.

Generally speaking, that’s the theme with the coffee giant these days, as they continue to push a “loyalty program” based on 2D bar-code coupons deployed via SMS.

Starbucks has teamed with Codilink, a firm specializing in digital loyalty programs, to introduce the campaign in Guadalajara and San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Based on its preliminary success ( a 60 percent mobile coupon redemption rate) we will likely see the expansion of the loyalty program soon and to a powerful extent.

As you might expect, here’s how it works. Consumers are urged to text keyword STARBUCKS to short code 80080 to get a WAP link to download a buy-one-get-one-free 2D bar code mobile coupon.

As part of its loyalty program for existing customers, Starbucks is displaying in-store signage with a mobile call-to-action: text keyword VENTI to short code 80080 to opt in to receive various discounts and offers for coffee-size upgrades.

According to the company, it won’t be long before every Starbucks in North America is equipped with 2D bar code recognition software so that employees can read the mobile coupon directly from consumers’ mobile phones at the point of sale.

Starbucks just went from a “tall” to a “venti” on my coolness meter.